Maxii Energii
Maxiimus Lumere

Excl. TAX  1,766.12
Incl. 21 % TAX  2,137.00

  • Single phase parallel version
  • Plug and play shunt device
  • Twice as strong as the Maxiimus P16
  • Harmonises low frequency and high frequency electrosmog
  • Re-polarises water veins and other geopatic disturbances
  • Reduces negative effects of electrosmog, improves your well being
  • Best audio accessory according to the press
  • Very long life span, free from maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly – energy consumption close to zero
  • 4 Accumulators; twice as strong as the P16
  • Size of energy field created 35 m
  • LED lamp, with remote control (possible to switch it off)
  • 3 lamp covers; pyramid, bulb and block
  • IEC Inlet and 2 Schuko outlets
  • Dimensions 30x30x8 cm + cover