CleanScreen Kit

Excl. TAX  16.53
Incl. 21 % TAX  20.00

  • Kit constist of:
    cleaning fluid (150ml)
    travel size cleaning fluid (10ml)
    large microfiber „pineapple“ cloth (144 sq. in.)
    small microfiber „pineapple“ cloth (36 sq. in.)
    retractable soft cleaning brush
  • Everything you need to keep your monitor + gear displays clean and free of dirt + debris
  • Includes cleaning fluid (large + small bottle), microfiber cloths (large + small size) + retractable soft cleaning brush
  • Custom CleanScreen fluid cleans effectively + safely without fear of scratching, smearing, or creating static electricity on delicate glass surfaces
  • Retractable soft cleaning brush intended for use as a „pre-cleaner“ for removing dust, but can be used for daily dusting
  • Works w/ musical gear, computer + laptop screens, tablets, mobile phones + more